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Installation [Japan]





Born 1971 in Tokyo. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Enviroment Information, in 1995, and finished a master's course at University of Tsukuba in 1998. With the support of the POLA Art Foundation he went to Germany to study at Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe in 1999. Has been creating works of art together with Kyoko Kunoh since 1996, which were shown at numerous exhibitions around the world including the "Ars Electronica Festival '97" and others. The duo is also operating as a media-products (prt under the name "minim++." Leaves behind the field of media art every now and then to publish picture books and other playful products.

( 1997 )

Award Reason

When you touch this object, the unexpected play of the shadows is absorbing. The cone object separates the shadows then processes them digitally. The incredible world created by the mixture of physical and virtual modelling was what distinguished this work.

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