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Grand Prize

"Soul Blade" Opening Movie


CG motion picture [Japan]




Born 1964 in Niigata Prefecture. Joined Namco Ltd. in 1989. Active mainly as head graphic designer for arcade games. Directed the ACA Media Arts Festival award-winning opening movie for the PlayStation edition"Soul Blade," Namco's 2nd 3-D martial arts game, following the game's arcade version. Joined Square in 1997. Involved in the movie production for "Final Fantasy VIII," and later created the movies for "Final Fantasy IX" and "Final Fantasy X" as a director.

( 1997 )

Award Reason

The unique characters are well matched to the background scene, clearly showing Japan's level of advancement on an international scale. The character's movement and emotions give a sense of speed to the rapidly developing scenes. The interesting asian flavor within the fast-paced sceneswas a strong point of this work.

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