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serial experiments lain

NAKAMURA Ryutarou (Director)

Animated TV series [Japan]

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Born on 1955. Worked as an artist at the animation production companyMadhouse" until 1986 when he became a freelance movie producer/director. Artwork and Production of classics likeThe Rose of Versailles (Versailles no Bara)" (TV) andGet an Ace! (Ace Wo Nerae!)" (Movie) while also working on projects as diverse asAnpanman" andPATLABOR". Directed the following animated feature films:Kurisutania / The First Adventurers", Kenji Miazawa's memorial movie, The Biography of Gusukobudori",The Star of the Twins" and game software includingThe Poporokuroisu Story" andNoeL3".

( 1998 )

Award Reason

This work follows a junior high school girl, Lain, as she explores the often fuzzy borders between the wired and the real world. We were impressed with its willingness to question the meaning of contemporary life as it explored the development of the computer and the ways in which real people live. Much of the content is made up of down-to-earth school friendships and family relationships, but the questions this work asks are extraordinarily philosophical and deep.

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