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Excellence Award

Metal Gear Solid

KOJIMA Hideo (Director / Planning / Script)

Video game (Playstation) [Japan]





He has been making 8mm videos and writing novels since he was in junior high school. He entered Konami in 1986 as a planner.
[Works] MSX Metal Gear (1987 / Planner, Script Writer, Director), PC88, MSX Snatcher (1988 / Planner, Script Writer, Director), MSX Solid Snake (1990 / Planner, Script Writer, Director,Characterization), PC Engine Snatcher (1992 / Planner, Script Writer, Director), PC9821 Polynotsu (1994 / Planner, Script Writer, Director), 3DO, Playstation Polynotsu (1995 / Planner, Script Writer,Director, Editor), Sega Saturn Polynotsu (1996 / Planner, Script Writer, Director,Editor), Playstation, Sega Saturn Rainbow Colored Youth (1997 / Planner,Production Coordinator, Producer), Playstation, Sega Saturn Colorful Love Song (1998 / Planner,Producer), Playstation Metal Gear Solid (1998 / Planner, Script Writer, Director, Editor, Producer)

( 1998 )

Award Reason

This work does more than just connect a number of different games with a coherent story, it is a work that manages to rise above the banal in the messages that it communicates to players, and in doing so it brings a new dimension to the computer games that are developing into one of Japan's leading forms of contemporary culture. The scenario is highly refined, and it maximizes the player's enjoyment of the unique technology used by the artist to achieve continued story development throughout the game.

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