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DAICHI Akitaro (Director)

Animated TV series [Japan]



DAICHI Akitaro


Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1956. Graduated from Tokyo Junior College of Photography (Presently attending Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics, Junior College Division). Has done work filming animations, producing Karaoke videos and working at game companies. Directed "Nurse Angel Lilika SOS" in 1995. Developed "Child's Toy", a delicate psychological profile of a "Machine Gun Talker" and that makes you laugh irrationally. Began directing Ojarumaru in 1998 and started directing "Jubei Chan, The Secret of the Lovely Eye Patch"in April, 1999. He continues to work steadily on a wide range of projects.

( 1999 )

Award Reason

Ojarumaru, the son of an aristocratic family, "time-slips" from the ancient Heian Period into the home of the modern lad Kazuma, and turns the whole neighborhood upside down. A classic comedy cartoon in the Japanese tradition. The dissonance between the Heian Period and contemporary Japan invites endless laughter. The unique characters have won over children and adult viewers alike. This is a TV cartoon series you can share with your children without hesitation.

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