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Grand Prize

The Diverting History of Mechanical Fellows

KISHI Keisuke

CG still picture / Object [Japan]

© KEISUKE KISHI - 1999 by Softbank Publishing inc. All rights reserved.


KISHI Keisuke


Born in Kanagawa in 1975. Graduated with a law degree from Keio Private University. Three time winner of "Takeshi's, Everyone is Picasso" art battle in 1998. In the same year, he held an exhibition of his works in New York City's SOHO district. He now writes " The Diverting History of Mechanical Fellows" for "S.M.H." and "Steam Life" for "DOS/V magazine CUSTOM".

( 1999 )

Award Reason

The virtually arts-and-crafts feel of the digital creatures conceived by the artist frees this work of the cliched "futurism" found in so many digital images today.In this "clockwork" world, the chronological divergence between the traditional and the contemporary, the future, even prehistory,is all compressed into one dimension, birthing a separate "time and space" unlike any other we have seen.Is this not perhaps the true potential of digital expression?

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