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Excellence Award

Stand-up Comedy Simulation

HIGAKI Noriyuki

Software [Japan]

© 2000 Noriyuki Higaki / MSD-JAPAN,Inc. All rights reserved.


HIGAKI Noriyuki


Born in Osaka in 1973. Graduated from the Osaka Gakuin University with a degree in Economics. Began offering his original software on the Internet in 1997 with works like "Sokai Ringo Yakyu" and "Smash B". His CD-ROM game "Stand-up Comedy Simulation" for Windows and Macintosh is now being sold by the MSD-Japan Corporation. He is now working as a freelance web creator.

( 2000 )

Award Reason

Thanks to the rapid development of personal computers, the average person can now enjoy the experience of programming. This game is a great idea. The characters are distinctive and the degree of difficulty is well implemented, letting you play without having to worry. This game presents two comedic styles, the "joker" and the "straight man". The artist's focus on content greatly improves the quality of this work. This game is very enjoyable to play.

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