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The nostalgic 21st century

KISHI Keisuke

CG moving image [Japan]



KISHI Keisuke


Born in Kanagawa in 1975. Graduated with a law degree from Keio Private University. Three time winner of "Takeshi no Dare demo Picasso" art battle in 1998. In the same year, he held an exhibition of his works in New York City's SOHO district. His collection of works "The Diverting History of Mechanical Fellows" was published in 1999 and one of the included works won Grand Prize in the Digital Arts (Non-interactive) Division of 3rd Japan Media Arts Festival.

( 2000 )

Award Reason

The artist continues to make use of the latest technology to create works of art that are reminiscent of the great industrial art of the past. His attention to detail and the care he takes with his work make him worthy of being dubbed a "Digital Artisan of the 21st Century".

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