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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

CG moving image / Animated feature film [Japan]

To compete on an equal footing with feature-length films, a 3D computer-animated film must be able to generate photorealistic characters. Final Fantasy is a tour de force that has boldly taken up and met this formidable challenge. The 3D computer-animated film promises to become a Japanese specialty. "Final Fantasy" deserves hearty recognition for opening the way.

Director:SAKAGUCHI Hironobu




Born in 1962. Sakaguchi has produced numerous works; he is best known for the series of Final Fantasy games that has created a fever-pitch following of fans around the world that verges on the level of a social phenomenon. He is currently the Executive Producer at Square. Sakaguchi wrote, directed, and produced Final Fantasy, a full 3D-CG animated feature film that contains no photography or hand drawings. Well before its general release on September 15, Final Fantasy was been the subject of avid speculation, eagerly awaited by fans around the world.

( 2001 )

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