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Grand Prize

Millenial Actress

KON Satoshi

Animated feature film [Japan]

© 2001 Millenial Actress Making Group


KON Satoshi


Born in 1963 in Hokkaido, Japan. Film director, writer, animator, and manga artist. Directed the critically acclaimed Perfect Blue (1998), Millennium Actress (2002), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), and Paprika (2006). Died at age 46 in 2010 for pancreatic cancer while in production for the next film Dreaming Machine.

( 2003 )

Award Reason

"Millenial Actress" is an exquisite example of the unique Japanese tradition of animation as an art form to be enjoyed by adults rather than as simply entertainment for children. The film compatibly pairs a classic love story with bold composition and extravagant images to create an utterly new genre of animation. The advent of Millenial Actress opens a broader realm for Japanese animation.

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