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Final Fantasy:Unlimited

from "Final Fantasy" Series / KAWAZU Akitoshi / MAEDA Mahiro / YONETANI Yoshitomo / TOMIOKA Atsuhiro

TV Animation / Original Video Animation


KAWAZU Akitoshi


Born in Kumamoto, 1962. Started working at Square (as it was named at that time) in 1987. After contributing to the development of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II (for the NES), he directed The Final Fantasy Legend (for the Game Boy). He also worked on all the titles in the 'Saga series.' He presented FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES in 2003, which received the Grand Prize in the Entertainment Division at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

( 2009 )

MAEDA Mahiro

( 2001 )

YONETANI Yoshitomo

( 2001 )

TOMIOKA Atsuhiro

( 2001 )

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