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Video game [Japan]

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Born on 1952 in Sonobe-cho, Kyoto. Majored in industrial design at Kanazawa College of Art and joined Nintendo after graduating in April 1977. In October 2001, Miyamoto became a managing director at Nintendo and is director of information development.
Individual awards 1990 The Japanese Cultural Design Prize 1993 Japanese Software Awards '92 MVP 1996 Asahi Digital Entertainment Awards' Home Bumon, Kojinsho ("Award to Individual Artists, Home Division") 1997 AMD Awards '96 Best Producer/Director Award 1998 The First Interactive Achievement Awards Hall of Fame Award 13th Multimedia Grand Prix 1998 MMCA Chairman's Award 1999 1999 (2nd) Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Grand Prize in the Digital Art [Interactive] Division for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (development team representative).

( 2001 )

Award Reason

Pikmin meets head on the death of living creatures that most games tend to conceal. In spite of the seriousness of the story, the fantastic graphics and realistic collective behavior of the Pikmin leave gamers with a heart-warming feeling. Pikmin's natural incorporation of light and dark creates a realism not previously experienced in video games.

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