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Excellence Award

After Image


CG still image [Japan]

© Go Nagayama




Born in 1975 in Tokyo, Japan. Studied the fundamentals of painting under Miyoko Ono as an elementary school student. Nagayama began doing illustrations with a Macintosh in 1999, and was one of the texture artists who worked on the Final Fantasy X development team. He graduated from the Scenography, Display, and Fashion Design Department at Musashino Art University in 2001. "After Image" was his graduate work. Nagayama is currently engaged in producing 3D-CG images at Shirogumi Inc.

( 2001 )

Award Reason

This non-photorealistic creation skillfully simulates the depth of an oil painting. Output size is an important element of CG stills. In that sense as well, "After Image" has a dazzling impact on the viewer.

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