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With the spread of the internet, many people must spend about 10 hours daily on the computer. As suggested in this work, if we were to have a camera hanging from our necks that reflects on our lives, most of the images would mirror the computer desktop, and we would become very bored with the monotone color. The message that is conveyed to the viewer in the calendar is that we should escape the mundane routines of daily life and live a rich multicolored life. It must be saying to us to leave our computers and head to the fields or downtown. The concept of taking our lives and dividing our experiences into 5 minute segments, and bringing back our "memories" and "recognition" forgotten in our unconsciousness, was a point of high evaluation.


Life Slice Laboratory


A network organization of designers, programmers, NGO and educational related persons. Following "Self timer", the new concept "Lifeslice" is being applied to sample "the daily life of a human being". The "recording of the unconscious" by this methodology, will be applied to the "mutual understanding of people in the world with differing values". The results of the research are being presented in the form of services and art, and the organization's ubiquitous range of activities range from magazine serializations to operation of cafes.

( 2002 )

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