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  • © UGA / SEGA, 2001


Game [Japan]

This ambitious and aggressive work cannot be accounted for in existing game genres. While borrowing the structure of a shooting game, the player's operations are directly linked to the synchronization of music and visual imagery, leading to a very unique feeling of oneness. This work presents a very different style of player participation in the game. From a visual perspective, the use of simple and inorganic wireframes, flats, and polygons match well with the techno music, leaving a very strong impact on the viewer.




Born in Otaru, Hokkaido in 1965. Graduated from Department of Literature, College of Art, Nihon University in 1990, and joined Sega in the same year. Recorded a worldwide hit with Sega Rally Championship in 1994. Released Space Channel 5 (DC) in 1999,; the main character "Urara" appeared on MTV Awards. Became president of United Game Artists (UGA) Released Rez (PS2/DC) in 2001. His most recent work is Space Channel 5 Part 2 (PS2/DC).

( 2002 )

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