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Animated short film [Japan]

© Koji Yamamura / Yamamura Animation, Inc.




Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan, in 1964. Graduated from the Department of Painting, Tokyo Zokei University in 1987. Produces animation shorts for children using a variety of techniques. Such works have been broadcasted in over 30 countries. Has won many awards including awards from the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, International Animation Festival Hiroshima. A retrospective program has been fit into the program at 17 film festivals. Director of the International Animation Film Association, Japan Branch, and Director of Japan Animation Association.

( 2002 )

Award Reason

This absurd story of the Heisei era takes place in a small theater under the blowing cherry blossoms like a play. The man's shifting eyes look squarely at the audience and the close-up of the man's eyes stare fixedly at the audience from the other side of the screen like a "Tatsyma Taishi" depicted in a Buddhist drawing. The audience is overwhelmed by the build up of the vast amount of information contained in each scene as the story progresses towards the last scene. I started to feel that it was a completely different mountain village work from the classic comic monologue of "Atama Yama". I would like to see this without any narrations but perhaps with classical music, or some other genre of music.

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