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The Cat Returns

"The Cat Returns" Production Council

Animated feature film [Japan]

© 2002 Nekonotedo TGNDHMT


MORITA Hiroyuki


Born in 1964 in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan in 1964. After graduating from university, aspired to become an animator and moved to Tokyo. Debuted with Hiatari Ryokou!. Became a freelancer, and was in charge of visuals for Akira and Majo no Takyuubin, also in charge of the original pictures for Lupin III Bye Bye Liberty Kikiippatu, Perfect Blue, etc and debuted as a director with Golden Boy. Thereafter, joined Studio Ghibli to work on the original drawings of *Ho-hokekyo Tonari-no-Yamada-kun. Served as the director for theatrical work, Neko-no-Ongaeshi, upon appointment by creator Hayao Miyazaki.

( 2002 )

Award Reason

The young girl does not play tough nor attempt to do more than she can, but lives life in her own way. But her life is hardly ordinary or boring. The unordinary fantasies that color ordinary life. This movie, in animation form, is a successor to the good old petit bourgeois movie. Even after the historic hits of Mononokehime (The Princess Mononoke) and Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), the honest and lack of pretense in the presentation is appropriate for the story, and very youthful and refreshing. The film carries images from Mimi wo Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart) and Morita director's personality shines through the young girl.

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