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Excellence Award

The Evening Traveling


Animated short film [Japan]

© Akino Kondoh




Born in Chiba prefecture, Japan in 1980. In 2000, won the Rookie Award and Encouragement Award at the 2nd Ack Awards with manga Kobayashi Kayoko. In 2002, won the SOUMA YOSEI Award at GEISIA-1GP with three dimensional work, Hakoniwa-mushi. The 107th Digital Stadium, Meiwa Denki Best Selection Award. The 3rd Yuri Norshtein Grand Prize/ Audience Award. Currently 4th year at Tama Art University, releases manga irregularly in Comic H (rockin'on).

( 2002 )

Award Reason

Albeit a production for a university project, I was astonished by the quality of the finished form of this work. The work did not use groundbreaking technology, but used ingenuity in doing what it could with the tools at hand, and the ways to enjoy the animation were impressive. Japanese animation, which has created the term "Japanimation", combines together such specialties. In addition, the synchronization of the personality of the "drawer" who draws manga daily and the interesting aspects of the music is excellent.

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