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Grand Prize

TextArc print: Alice's Adventure in Wonderland

W. Bradford PALEY

CG still picture [United States]

© 2002, W. Bradford Paley


W Bradford Paley

W. Bradford Paley is an artist and interaction designer whose focus is the visual interpretation of complex information. His work has three primary intents: different subjects should look different, specific insights should be visible, and complexity should be revealed in a way matched to human perception. His first computer imagery dates from 1973. He founded Digital Image Design Incorporated in 1982. He has exhibited in MoMA and the permanent collection of the Whitney, and created His designs work daily on the New York Stock Exchange floor. He speaks frequently on interaction design, and is adjunct professor at Columbia University.

( 2002 )

Award Reason

This was a novel work amidst the many personal imagined scenery work found in the area of still digital images. The complete version of "Alice in Wonderland" was printed in a large oval in the smallest possible legible writing. According to the frequency of use of the words, the words are written on the inner surface of the oval with the sequence of the letters changed. Of course, the words "Alice" and the "King" can be seen, but the size of these words are placed at an equidistance from the place the letters have been used, and the words that appear throughout the entire book are placed more towards the center. This work is a result of an extremely intuitive analysis in graphic form, which expression has only been made possible with computer usage. Simultaneously, this work lets us enjoy the graphics as well.

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