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Excellence Award


NAGATO Tetsuya

CG still image [Japan]



NAGATO Tetsuya


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1970. Enjoyed art since his childhood. After graduating from Senshu University High School, left for the US. After returning to Japan in 1996, began production of digital photo collage illustrations. In 2001, won the 18th The Choice award. Currently, working on visual productions for magazines, fashion, and music.

( 2002 )

Award Reason

This work perfectly integrates the antithesis images of realism/unrealism, inorganic/organic in a very elaborately designed composition, and has a very high quality finished form. Simultaneously, this work does not push digital technology to the fore, but uses orthodox techniques such as collages to express in a direct manner, and helps us rediscover that technology is only a means.

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