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Excellence Award

Justice Runners


CG motion picture [Japan]

© Satoshi Tomioka / D's




Born in 1972. MA from the Department of Applied Physics, Division of Electronics and Information Engineering, The University of Agriculture and Technology. While working at a company, produced his original work SiNK, and won the Multimedia Grand Prixe Gin-no-Suzu (Silver Wing) prize. Since then, several of his works have been aired in D's garage, a program broadcasted over the TV Asahi network and he has received much attention at film festivals such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Currently, produces CG animation for TV, PV, CM, and CS, jointly with a group. Produces CG illustrations for magazines covers, product advertisements, and flyers.

( 2002 )

Award Reason

Like all of Mr. Satoshi Tomioka's previous works, Justice Runners uses very advanced CG techniques, and has a very unique rhythm, color sense, gag sense, and character design. He projects his world very clearly and with intensity.

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