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Excellence Award

Venus Villosa

Silvia RIGON

Installation [USA / Italy]

© Silvia Rigon


Silvia RIGON

Silvia Rigon is a visual artist living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Italy, she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice before earning her masters degree in Design | Media Arts at UCLA. Her work has been exhibited internationally. She combines her traditional education with a continuous exploration of new media and design processes. She has worked on installations, performances and interactive art while working as childrenófs book illustrator, graphic designer, and textile designer.

( 2003 )

Award Reason

Venus Villosa is an installation work with emphasis on a gender issue, highlighting the essential relationships between primitiveness and sexuality. With this interactive Venus generator, when a participant touches the woman's breast-shaped interface, which works through the mechanism of air compression connected to a computer, a strange animal-like sound is emitted in the space, and the image of the body hair of a woman that is supposed to be pretty by nature, changes as it grows. Thus the audience gets involved in the paradox of beauty and ugliness.

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