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Pokemotion Development Team

Electric play equipment [Japan]

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KAWADA Shinya was born on 1966. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Doshisha University in 1989 and started working at Nintendo Co., Ltd. from the same year. He has taken charge of the software direction in projects such as Fami-com Fitness System, Satellite Data Broadcasting Service, Nintendo Power, Mobile System GB, and Pokemon Mini. Presently, he holds the post of Planning development Chief, working as the Leader of a hardware-software combined design project.

( 2003 )

Award Reason

This work, which even captures the hearts of adults with images generated by a simple operation of moving right and left, was highly recognized as a piece that provided even players unfamiliar with technology with an opportunity to reap the fruit of high quality technology, while ensuring the very basis of a play system, "anyone can enjoy." It was also noted that this work could serve as a means for children to communicate with their friends.

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