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Excellence Award

Ski Jumping Pair Official DVD

MASHIMA Riichiro

CG motion picture [Japan]

© Riichiro MASHIMA


MASHIMA Riichiro


MASHIMA Riichiro was born in 1972 in Saga Prefecture. After finishing his studies at Chiba University, Faculty of Engineering, following both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, he worked in the environmental design field for three years, then went on to learn 3DCG at Digital Hollywood. His graduation production Ski Jumping Large-hill Pairs won many prizes, beginning with recognition by the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, which was followed by both national and international recognition elsewhere. It was released as a DVD after it had been shown in more than 40 film festivals in 28 countries in the world. He is now intending to produce a long documentary about the history of the Ski Jumping Pairs Game. He hates pigeons.

( 2003 )

Award Reason

This work has already received a number of awards here and abroad. Upon being put on the market, some modifications were made to its details, and the renewed version was submitted to this festival. While the CG images are not of highest quality (it is the author's intention to keep its quality at this level), it gives us great satisfaction to see the author's unique spirit of humor easily beat the Hollywood works created at a cost of billions of dollars! When it comes to motion pictures, what matters most is not money but brilliance of artistic sense.

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