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DAICHI Akitaro

Animated series or films released in home-video formats [Japan]

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DAICHI Akitaro


Born in Takasaki, 1956. Attracted by OSOMATSU-KUN by AKATSUKA Fujio, determined to seek a gag cartoonist career. After graduating from Tokyo Polytechnic University Junior College, joined an animation filming company. Having gained video shooting and animation producing experience, made a directing debut with Nurse Angel Ririka SOS in 1995. His representative works include KODOMO NO OMOCHA, SUGOIYO!! MASARU-SAN, OJARUMARU, JUBEI-CHAN, IMA SOKO NI IRU BOKU, and FRUIT BASKET.

( 2004 )

Award Reason

Applause goes to the director for skillfully integrating the theme of "try hard with high spirits" with sophisticated direction and popular characters. Daichi's alert ingenuity that even enabled sign language to be incorporated into his work is outstanding regardless of his status as a professional. Animation is supposed to be a medium to provide joy to the public; therefore, MAKASETE IRUKA is superior to those adult-oriented works that tend to encourage wild fancies. The implication of the director's protest against the incapable adult society supporting such works gives us the opportunity to think about the response.

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