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HIRAKAWA Norimichi

Interactive art [Japan]

© HIRAKAWA Norimichi


HIRAKAWA Norimichi

Born on 1982. Entered Tama Art University, Department of Information Design in 2001. Finding possibilities of algorithmic representations of digital environment, he began to create installations in 2002. Currently belongs to Media and Art Course at the University. Won the highest award in Interactive Division of SFC Digital Art Awards 2004.

( 2004 )

Award Reason

This installation enables us to sensuously explore the "Earth" with a self-created interface. As we freely shift the object with our palms between horizontal and vertical spaces, it will take us even to the other side of the earth. This work was created with a "question for a feeling of reality" asked by the artist who finds no coincidence between "the round earth" known to everyone and "the earth under one's feet". The accelerating levels of interaction and body sensation can be experienced with "a feeling of reality" in this work.

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