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scope+ HASHIMOTO Norihisa

Still image [Japan]

© scope+Norihisa Hashimoto


scope + HASHIMOTO Norihisa


Formed in 2003, by Go Inaba, Keiichi Uemura, Jun Tamaoki, School of Art and Design, Tsukuba University, and Norihisa Hashimoto, technical officer of the school, to create the work that enables us to peek into another world. thus named "Scope" apparatus to see something. Past exhibition; "Crossing Path", 2003, Tsukuba Center, "life-size", Apr., 2004, Gallery T, Tsukuba University "SCOPE Exhibition", Apr., 2004, INAX Gallery 2.Planning to participate in Echigo Tsumaari Art Triennale in 2006.

( 2004 )

Award Reason

The reason for award lies in its visual novelty. We have never seen such a close projection of the carapaces and joints of insects that are enlarged to a human size. Due to the size or some kind of reasons, they look a little different form their own real beings. Although the images are realistically projected in the size of a human, I feel a new kind of reality rather than the actual reality. Could this visual gap be what the artists has aimed at? Needless to say, the enlarged still images that are created by scanning of state-of-art technology are outstandingly beautiful. The viewers will be emotionally swayed by this visual novelty.

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