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Volker Morawe,Tilman Reiff

Interactive art [Germany]

©//////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces




Born in 1970 in the north of Germany, grown up in a small town close to the city of Bremen. Passing through several schools, job training as space electronics technician, participant of second-chance education, hit producer, design student, since 1999 student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

( 2002 )

Tilman REIFF

Born 1971 in Duesseldorf, Germany, spent his childhood in his father's EDP laboratory in Ratingen-Homberg. After a rebellious school career he left Munich and studied computer science in Furtwangen with a focus on interaction design. In the postgraduate program at the Academy of Media Arts he met the other members and they became //////////fur////.

( 2002 )

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