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akane-maru(KAWAGUCHI Tetsuya / ASO Tazuko)

Video work [Japan]

© 2003 akane-maru all rights reserved.




Born in Fukuoka in 1979. His first experience of the pressure that accompanies the creative process as a child whilst in a drawing art class. After graduating from university, he went on to attend CG college with a view towards learning more about the visual image, which had long been of particular interest to him. His most recent work is mainly concerned with the interplay of emotion and popularity in art. He is currently working on producing the DVD version of AKANEGUMO.

( 2004 )

ASO Tazuko


Born in Kyoto in 1977. She first became interested in the expression of human bodies in the half-abstractive mode while she was studying Oil Painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design. She is currently most concerned with the art of achieving emotional expression through CG facial animation. This prize winning work was also her college graduation piece.

( 2004 )

Award Reason

The tense feeling when a boy at puberty tells his first love to a girl is depicted comically. This handsome footage is unique to CG. It is not easy to make people laugh; however, this work made it possible by using a group of Taiko drummers. In many cases, technical attainment tends to be the center of attention in CG production; however, this one-person work was evaluated for its firm understanding of such a context.

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