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YOON Takeshi / IGUCHI Koichi

Video work [Japan]



YOON Takeshi


Born in Kanagawa, 1977. After graduating from technical school, joined Omnibus Japan Inc. in 2000. Engaging in a number of CM productions as a CG animator, while producing original content.

( 2004 )



Born in Ibaraki, 1977. After graduating from Graphic Design Department of Tama Art University, joined Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd. in 2000. Studied under Mr. NAKAJIMA Shinya and made his directorial debut in September, 2002. His representative works include TOYOTA ISIS and SONY VAIO.

( 2004 )

Award Reason

A white cube floats in the interior space. It repeatedly changes form from one to another while increasing size, as if it multiplied in cell division. Then, the object jumps out through the window, as if it knew that it would grow too large to fit in the room. Its Multiplication continues. As the object may have felt cramped under the city sky, it moves to the sky over the vast land where it finally changes to form the YKKAP logo. The artist's competence is fully exhibited in the superb contrast between an object in a small space and one freely floating in the sky over the land shot through a wide-angle lens. Transformation of the object from the simplest white cube to a more complicated form with a colorful background is another excellent example.

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