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TOBE Keiko

Story Manga [Japan]



TOBE Keiko


Born in Hyogo. Graduated from School of Economics at Kwansei Gakuin University. She started her career as a manga writer in the magazine, Princess (Akita Publishing) in 1986, and produced many stories, many of which were mysteries. In 2000, she started the serialization of HIKARI TO TOMONI~Living with an austic child~ in the magazine For Mrs. (Akita Publishing). These were released as serial comic books the following year (the latest book released by Nov. 2004 is vol. 7), and also dramatized in April 2004. She is a wife and mother of two sons.

( 2004 )

Award Reason

It has long been felt that the subject of disability was not suited to the medium of manga, the potential for discrimination that might hurt and disgust the readership was supposed to be too great. However, this work, which tells the story of a family struggling to raise an autistic child, has avoided all such possible problems. It is cheerfully and sturdily told and might well encourage not only families with autistic children, but also families living with a disability of any sort. It also gives the rest of us something to think about.

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