The Latest Festival

Festival Information

Exhibition of Award-winning Works


February 24-March 5, 2006


Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Yebisu Garden Place

Admission free

Awards Ceremony


February 23, 2006


The Westin Tokyo, Yebisu Garden Place

Entry Period:

August 1-October 20, 2005

Organizer: Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee
[Agency for Cultural Affairs / CG-ARTS]

Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee


KAWAI Hayao (Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs)

Operating Committee:

NAGATA Keiji (Chairman, CG-ARTS)
HAMANO Yasuki (Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate School)


Art Division

Head of the Jury: KUSAHARA Machiko (Professor, Waseda University)
ASABA Katsumi (Art director)
TOSA Nobumichi (Maywa Denki)
NAKAYA Hide (NHK commentator)
YANOBE Kenji (Artist)

Entertainment Division

Head of the Jury: NAKAJIMA Shinya (Director of TV Commercials)
ISHIHARA Tsunekazu (Video Game Producer)
SAITO Yutaka (Video Game Designer)
SUZUKI Yu (Video Game Producer)
MIYAZAKI Mitsuhiro (Art Director)

Animation Division

Head of the Jury: TOMINO Yoshiyuki (Animation Director)
KATAYAMA Masahiro (Professor,Tama Art University)
KAMIMURA Sachiko (Art Director)
TERAI Hironori (Creative Director)
HOSODA Mamoru (Animation Director)

Manga Division

Head of the Jury: SATONAKA Machiko (Manga Artist)
KIMURA Tadao (President of Nippon Manga Gakuin)
KUROGANE Hiroshi (Manga Artist)
TAKEMIYA Keiko (Manga Artist)
Monkey Punch (Manga Artist)

Special Achievement Award

General Critiques


Professor, The University of Tokyo Graduate School

The technology has matured and the quality of networks based works and moving images have especially improved

The common opinion held by the jurors of all divisions is that the quality of the image and networking works has drastically improved from all previous works. It is because the technology and the network of the image expression have finally matured enough to respond to an author's desire of expression.
In short, we can say that from the various technologies of expression digital technology became available to everyone. Flow, which was selected as the grand prize winner in the Animation Division after a long and heated debate, is a good example of this. Also a clear accomplishment of networking Flipbook! is which has become the first work developed on network to win the grand prize in the Entertainment Division in the history of the Japan Media Arts Festival.
I wish to express my gratitude to the jurors and the staff of the secretariat office who corresponded to the ever-increasing number of works so sincerely. Although we currently screen all the submitted works with the multiple eyes of the jurors before entering into the final evaluation by all the jury members, the workload is reaching the limit.
The recognition of Japanese pop culture abroad keeps rising and the Japan Media Arts Festival is a valuable occasion to present the axis of assessment in Japan. This year we have received applications from as many as 43 countries throughout the world and this shows that the past effort of the jury and the staff of the secretariat office is now sufficient.