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Excellence Award


HOTCHI Kazuhiro

Video work [Japan]

© HOTCHI Kazuhiro


HOTCHI Kazuhiro


Started creating animations when he was studying at Tama Art University. Kicked off activities as an animation creator taking the opportunity when his animation work was picked up by the NHK TV program Digital Stadium and made his debut with SORA E of NHK MINNA NO UTA in 2005.

( 2005 )

Award Reason

This work is so to speak an experimental work which was created for the aim of making the artist himself learn possibilities of hand drawing animation. The result of this trial and error is a powerful dance animation which has been done masterfully and has never been seen before. The powerful expression which can only be done by a young artist still in his 20s ignores the dark tone of its image-plane and does not bore the viewer. We look forward to his development in the future and further experimental work by this artist who has challenged various presentations and extrapolated results.

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