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Excellence Award

Six String Sonics, The


Performance [Japan]

Costume Provided: Garcia Marquez

© Gil Kuno



Born in Los Angeles, USA.MFA candidate at UCLA.His projects have been recognized worldwide: UNSOUND.COM―― an alternative art portal, Internet band Wiggle (composers for Toyota bB commercials), Flow―― a collaboration with Han Hoogerbrugge.

( 2005 )

Award Reason

One of the thrills of art is that it hints at new views and possibilities outside of the norm. In this project, a six string guitar is reinvented as six single string guitars to be played by six musicians. Though this idea had been in the artist's mind for years, recent digital effects processing technologies finally made the project a reality. Their unique stage presence redefines the relationships between the body and space in live music. The lively expressions of the musicians make quite an impression.

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