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The merit of Commercial Videos; the entertainment nature within them

Head of the Jury NAKAJIMA Shinya

Director of TV Commercials

The establishment of the Entertainment Division opened the way for the entry of "Commercial Videos", which occupies a space at then very opposite end of "art". ShibauraIsland is a CG image, but it still retains an impressive and airy feeling. WAMONO, which was one of the final contestants for the Grand Prize, is a very high quality work, both in character designs and screen construction. It is a merit of Commercial Videos that they tend to be self - contained and complete. The winner of the Grand Prize Flipbook! is a website, which elicited some discussion as to whether it could truly be considered a work. However, it was agreed that the piece gives us a fresh impression and advanced perception of "the future of the media". A commercial website, Vodafone Design File, has also received recognition this year. In the game category, nintendogs, which introduces a new style of gaming, was awarded a prize; it was the degree to which it made us spontaneously think "cute" that was most impressive, but with regards to games generally, I am anticipating more fresh sensation in the future.



Director of TV Commercials

Born in Fukuoka, 1959. While directing nearly 40 CM films a year, he works as a managing executive officer, a member of the board of Tohokushinsha Film Corporation and a professor at TamaArtUniversity. Awarded various prizes for his highly entertaining digital tech-driven CM films. Major Works: Nissin Cup Noodle hungry?(Grand-Prix at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival), Suntory DAKARA SHOBEN-KOZO, HONDA STEP WGN, and Suntory IEMON.

( 2005 )

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