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Excellence Award


IGUCHI Koichi / YOON Takeshi

Video work [Japan]

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Born in 1977. After graduating from Tama Art University, he joined Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd.

( 2005 )

YOON Takeshi


Born in Kanagawa in 1977. After gaining some preliminary experience, during which time he was, amongst other things, a Visual Jockey, he joined Omnibus Japan Inc. in 2001. He has been involved in a number of CM and PV projects, using tools such as 3D Studio MAX and After Effects, as well as having produced a lot of original work.

( 2005 )

Award Reason

Within a peaceful scene, where the sound of a boiling kettle intermingles with that of a child practicing piano, something unusual is unfolding. Here is depicted the organic atmosphere of daily life, within which a geometrical and inorganic piece of white paper is presented as a protagonist; as time goes by, it begins to accrue organic expressions. It begins as a piece of normal white paper on a table; but from this casual prelude, develops unexpected movement. This technique of pursuing one particular theme and gradually expanding it with unexpected forms of expression is supported by a carefully written scenario and skilled composition. It combines Japanese origami culture and paper cut art effectively, resulting in an original work of high quality.

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