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Grand Prize


Juan Carlos Ospina GONZALEZ

Website [Colombia]

A website in which anyone can easily create a simple animation. After simply drawing lines in several frames as instructed, the drawings instantly start moving in vivid action. Viewers can enjoy cutoff animations registered each and every second from all over the world.



Juan Carlos Ospina GONZALEZ


I like to build toys that lots of people can play with. I found the internet to be the perfect vehicle for this. With Flipbook! I pursued the idea of a universal toy that would allow people to have fun and at the same time reflect on themselves. A game "very simple to learn but difficult to master", where you have only yourself to beat and where you can share the final product so other people can benefit too. I can only humbly thank everyone who played and I'm very honored and happy to receive this award.

( 2005 )

Award Reason

On this website, a user can create flipbook animations (frame animations), upload them and exhibit them to the world; the idea is very simple and everybody can understand it. This website is available to people all over the world; the number of animations on the website increased from 11 million to 14 million during the course of the judgment. Its popularity is no doubt a product of its universal accessibility and easy to use interface. We hope that many more people will try this at the exhibition and there will be an increasing variety of flipbook animations on this website that we can enjoy watching.

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