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Excellence Award


MITA Norifusa

Story manga [Japan]

© MITA Norifusa / KODANSHA


MITA Norifusa


Born in 1958 in Iwate Prefecture. Manga artist. Representative works include Dragon Sakura.

( 2015 )

Award Reason

This manga has also been dramatized on television. It is an entrance examination version of the "Spokon (sports grit) Manga" genre. It is the story of a teacher who takes on an unsuccessful student and, using Spartan methods, tutors him to pass the entrance exam for Tokyo University. The theme is not new, the composition is somewhat orthodox and it is true that there was criticism of the drawing skill. However, the story is told with such great conviction and pathos that these weaknesses are easily overlooked. It is a very entertaining manga, which is probably the most important thing.

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