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Sagrada Familia Project

HAYASHI Shunsaku

Still image [Japan]

© HAYASHI Shunsaku


HAYASHI Shunsaku


Born in Osaka, in 1992. A second year student at a junior high school in Osaka City. His personal exhibition held in Osaka and Tokyo in 2006 was well received. He was the winner of the Semi-Grand Prix at the EPSON Color Imaging Contest 2005. His work is expected to be published as a book in spring 2007.

( 2006 )

Award Reason

Mr. HAYASHI has won several minor prizes over the last few years, but this year his work has been finally awarded the Encouragement Prize. Although still a junior high school student, his huge and detailed wall painting betrays no hesitation in execution and a degree of perfection in completion. His interpretation of Gaudí's unfinished work, Sagrada Familia, is also excellent. He says that he was inspired by a television program, but I recommend that he actually travel to Barcelona. Twenty years ago, I heard that it would be completed in one hundred years, but someone who visited the site recently also said the same thing. Perhaps nobody is really counting down; it is a building of mystery.

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