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Excellence Award

Rhythm Tengoku

OSAWA Kazuyoshi,
Representing the Rhythm Tengoku development team

Game [Japan]

© 2006 Nintendo / J.P.ROOM


OSAWA Kazuyoshi


Representing the Rhythm Tengoku development team.
Born in Saitama, 1974. After graduating from Gunma National College of Technology, entered Nintendo. Experienced quality control and trouble analysis at the production department and the product technology department and then was engaged in the development of POKEMON overseas edition, Made in Wario (Wario Ware), MAWARU Made in Wario (Wario Ware Twisted!) and PLAY-YAN.

( 2006 )

Award Reason

It is a game where the OTOGEE, which can be said to be a specialty of Japan, is beautifully presented within the compact GAME BOY Advance. The unique motifs such as the swing of a baseball game or CHANBARA have been realized with graphics which would make anyone smile and are simple as well as give a direct operational feeling. Structure the unique motifs in short-short style, at any age, anytime, anywhere, with anyone else…… It's fun without reservation!

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