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Excellence Award


AZUMA Kiyohiko

Story manga [Japan]

©AZUMA Kiyohiko


AZUMA Kiyohiko


Born in Hyogo, 1968. His major works include; Azumanga Daioh, YOTSUBA &!, etc. YOTSUBA &! has been carried in GEKKAN Comic DENGEKI DAIOH (monthly magazine) until this day.

( 2006 )

Award Reason

This work should be read by every generation. It does not have a new concept or make full use of elaborate drawing and structural technique, but all the characters are vividly depicted, which gives exhilaration to the work and the whole atmosphere has a gentleness. The way of presentation of ordinary, decent people is nothing new, but this work does not feel old. I greatly value the fresh feeling of its preserved cross-section which makes us feel “there was such a way of presentation.” This is a work which convinces us there are no limits in the presentation of the manga.

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