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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society


Animated series or films released in home-video formats [Japan]

©Shirow Masamune-Production I.G / KODANSHA




Born on March 20, 1966. Began production of own animations since high school. After graduation from Department of Food, Chichibu Agriculture and Industry Public High School, trained as a chef, while making own animations on the side. Joined Studio Fuga in 1985. Participated in the plays Akira and Majo no Takkyubin as the background. In 1966, participated in the Oshii Juku (school) hosted by Mamoru Oshii at Production I.G. At the same time, directed play JIN-ROH, scripted Blood, and directed Minipato and built up extensive experience. Currently directing TV program Koukokukidoutai.

( 2002 )

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