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New possibilities generated by auditions chiefly judged by works

Head of the Jury MONKEY Punch

Manga Artist

Of the 283 entries we received this year, 35 works were shortlisted for the final screening sessions. As with previous years, the decisions for the Grand Prize and Excellence Prizes changed many times during the sessions; the entries were all so good that it seemed any could deserve a prize. The opportunity to read such high quality and engrossing manga was one of the chief privileges of being a jury member. Some of the entries, such as the one that contained some particularly brutal images and made the reader want to cover his eyes, or the one that employed an experimental scroll-like drawing style, were noticeable. However, we could not quite be convinced of the necessity of these factors, which was a shame, as it meant the full meaning was not fully conveyed to all of the jury members. Of the self-published manga, which is supposed to be a growing means of manga publication, digital manga, which both employ new media, we found disappointingly few that were remarkable. We have high hopes for them in the future.



Manga Artist

Born in Hokkaido, 1937. In 1966, presented GINZA SENPUJI in a magazine "MANGA Story" under the name Monkey Punch. In the following year, started to serialize Lupin III in the first issue of "Weekly Manga Action". The hero Lupin and other colorful characters gained great popularity and the series became a huge hit, and Lupin III was made into an TV animation series and several movies. Major works: Little Mafia; ISSHUKU IPPAN; TOMEI SHINSHI; and many others. In the spring of 2005, became a professor at Otemae University and teaches the study of manga.

( 2007 )

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