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Excellence Award

Carbon Footprint

"Carbon Footprint" Development Team (Matt CHANDLER, Representive)

Video work [United Kingdom]

A depiction of a discarded can lying in the street, and gradually corroding. Exquisite CG techniques are used, and the realistic visual expression is captivating. It also effectively conveys a strong message about an environmental issue, in that it takes only a moment for us to decide not to recycle a can, but it would take 50 years for nature to do what we neglected to.

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Born in the UK, 1980. Graduated from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth with a degree in miniatures & practical model effects. Began work as a freelance digital artist for games and broadcast before settling at Jellyfish Pictures. Recipient of many awards, including a BAFTA and VES (Visual Effects Society) for outstanding visual effects.

( 2008 )

Award Reason

This video shows us, in one stretch, the 50 year decomposition of an empty beverage can thoughtlessly thrown away on a roadside, oxidized and weathered. A message appears at the end: “IT TAKES A SECOND FOR YOU TO RECYCLE A CAN. IT TAKES 50 YEARS FOR A CAN TO RECYCLE ITSELF.” This message dispassionately conveys two simple facts, an approach in keeping with the channel on which it was broadcast, but it also effectively implies that a decision must be made. A background image of a tree growing, and then cut down and left as a stump, was one of the clever and detailed effects used in this video. High image processing technology, and the skill to make the best of it, has resulted in a strongly expressive message that reaches the viewers simply but effectively. This is a very sophisticated work finished to a high standard.

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