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Festival Information

Exhibition of Award-winning Works


February 3-14, 2010


The National Art Center, Tokyo

Admission free

Awards Ceremony


February 2, 2010


Tokyo Midtown Hall

Entry Period:

July 16-September 25, 2009

Organizer: Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee
[Agency for Cultural Affairs / The National Art Center, Tokyo / CG-ARTS]

Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee


TAMAI Hideo (Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs)

Operating Committee:

HAYASHIDA Hideki (Director, The National Art Center, Tokyo)
IWAKI Hajime (Chairman, CG-ARTS)
HAMANO Yasuki (Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate School)


Art Division

Head of the Jury: SATOH Taku (Graphic Designer)
OKAZAKl Kenjiro (Professor, International Center for Human Sciences, Kinki University)
SEKIGUCHI Atsuhito (President, IAMAS, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences)
SHIKATA Yukiko (Media Art Curator)
TSUJIKAWA Koichiro (Director)

Entertainment Division

Head of the Jury: KAWAZU Akitoshi (Game Designer)
GOTO Shigeo (Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design)
MASUYAMA Hiroshi (Contents Producer)
SAITO Yoot (Game Designer)
UCHIYAMA Koshi (Creative Director)

Animation Division

Head of the Jury: SUZUKI Shinichi (Animation Director)
HIGUCHI Shinji (Film Director)
IKUHARA Kunihiko (Animation Director)
KIFUNE Sonoko (Animation Artist)
NOMURA Tatsutoshi (Animation Artist)

Manga Division

Head of the Jury: Shiriagari Kotobuki (Manga Artist)
HOSOGAYA Atsushi (Associate Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University)
MURAKAMI Tomohiko (Professor, Kobe Shoin Women's University)
NAGAI Go (Manga Artist)
SAITO Chiho (Manga Artist)

Special Achievement Award

General Critiques


Professor, The University of Tokyo Graduate School

The number of applications that Japan Media Arts Festival receives every year increases abundantly, and overseas entries currently come from over 50 countries-53, specifically, this year. To screen both international and local entries equally, there has been a necessity for translations and other work, which has doubled the tasks of the secretariat office. The rapid growth is seen not only in the quantity, but also in the quality of the entries, resulting to an increase in the length of the screening sessions; it is a testament to their passion for the media arts that the jury members have been able to tolerate the excessive duties required of them in recent years. Nowadays, as the international exchange through media arts increases, the reason for Japan Media Arts Festival's existence has become more important than ever; therefore, it is crucially necessary to expand the screening structure in order to continue fulfilling the duties of selecting and introducing the art works strictly and fairly.
This year, Memorial Achievement Prize is exceptionally presented to KANADA Yoshinori who suddenly passed away at the age of 57 on July 21, 2009. We have received requests from many people in the animation industry to add KANADA to the list of Achievement Prize candidates this year -- Special Achievement Prize was established in the 7th year festival to recognize the achievements of individuals who had made a long-standing contribution over the years -- but, at that time, it was decided that it would not be awarded posthumously. However, considering the scope of KANADA's achievements, he would surely have been on Special Achievement Prize candidate list one day, had he lived till today. Moreover, there is nothing but his work to which he can bequeath his name, and he had never received any such awards in the past; there were strong requests from many animation-related people on this issue. After discussion with the executive committee and jury members, it was decided to award him Memorial Achievement Prize as a special case this year. We hope that this award will aid in memorializing KANADA's achievements throughout the future, and motivate people to once again recognize the worth of animators' works.