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Excellence Award

F - void sample


Installation [Japan]

As the viewer peers at this work through a microscope, the dedicated software takes the process of generating space as a model and visualizes it on a liquid crystal display the size of a fingernail. Countless objects keep emerging and disappearing to create dots, lines, planes, three-dimensional figures, and supersolids.

© Goh Uozumi




Born in 1987 in Osaka, UOZUMI studied Information Art at Tama Art University. He presents algorithmic installations and live performance works, and attempts to rethink creativity in a network society and to expand reality.

( 2009 )

Award Reason

This work is structured with images of self-sustaining micro objects, emerging from a void through what the artist calls “space-generating software,” a dedicated program, and a device used to peek through these objects. The setting, where objects (software) are output on the display with the minimum number of pixels and has a metadevice (hardware) to visualize them for viewers, makes us aware once more that actions such as visualization, perception, and observation are only possible through media interface, which has various measures of precision. This work powerfully conveys the artist’s concept and capacity to examine the media and create the media himself.

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