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Excellence Award


TANAKA Hideyuki

Music video [Japan]

This is the music video for DENKI GROOVE's Fake It!, featured in their album YELLOW released in October 2008. The music is impressively combined with images of swimmers performing high dives, one after the other in a seemingly endless cavalcade.

© 2008 Ki/oon Records Inc.


TANAKA Hideyuki


TANAKA was born in 1962 and graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University. He is currently the president of FRAMEGRAPHICS co., ltd. As an art director, he has worked on numerous projects in wide range of fields; from direction of moving images such as music videos and commercial films, to character and graphic design.

( 2009 )

Award Reason

Having been created as a promotional techno music video, this visual work exhibits a fundamental power of fascination by itself, and in combination with its music, it acquires a new value as part of the whole. Although the works of DENKI GROOVE have entertained us during the screening sessions of Japan Media Arts Festival before, this piece particularly caught one’s eye, and did not let go easily. It is pity that the skillful usage of the time axis in this work cannot be properly explained in words, but this movie conveys, with great impact, a simple but strong sense of déjà-vu in an, otherwise original scenery, which we all have seen somewhere before but at the same time is also completely new to us.

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