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IIDA Kazutoshi

Video game [Japan]

Discipline is an adventure game set in a provisional criminal camp called ÅeDiscipline.Åf The player takes the role of himself who voluntarily joined the program. He lives in the camp as an inmate and carries a mysterious talking controller, known as ‘you-con.’ The secret of the ‘Discipline’ camp is gradually revealed through interactions with the other inmates.

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IIDA Kazutoshi


Born in 1968 in Tokyo. IIDA began his career as a director with Aquanaut’s Holiday (PlayStation) in 1995. He also created such games as Tails of the Sun (PlayStation), Doshin the Giant (Nintendo 64DD), Discipline: The Birth of the Empire (WiiWare), Evangelion the Movie: Third Impact (PSP), and LINE easy diver (LINE GAME). He is known for his unique conceptualization style, thinking outside the box. In 2011, he was in charge of story and direction of Songs of ANAGURA: Missing Researchers & Their Remaining Devices, the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and which won an Excellence Award in the Entertainment Division at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival. He is also the author of many books and articles.

( 2015 )

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