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Aoi Honoo


Story manga [Japan]

In this story set in the early 1980s, a young man dreams of becoming a renowned comic writer in years to come. His name is HONOO Moyuru. He has no money but a dream. Then, he feels overwhelmed by his lack of ability, and buys some sake, although he has no head or stomach for alcohol. This is a tortured elegy for any dashing young art student who spends his days careering around in burning ambition.

©Kazuhiko Shimamoto




Born in Hokkaido Prefecture. Manga artist. He made his debut with Hissatsu no tenkosei while studying at Osaka University of Arts. Major works include Honou no tenkosei, Nine in Adversity, and Hoero Pen. Aoi honoo was adapted into a TV drama written and directed by FUKUDA Yuichi in 2014, attracting much attention.

( 2014 )

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