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Robot Koyuki

GOUDA Yoshiie

Story manga [Japan]

Takuro owns an old robot Koyuki, which can neither cook well nor do things right. But, while living with Takuro, Koyuki starts to develop human feelings. At that time, the family of Takuro’s best friend had gone bankrupt and moved to the other side of the river. It was hell on earth, where only the extremely poor lived. Koyuki, who now has human emotions, sneaks into the area to save them.

©Gouda Yoshiie/TAKE SHOBO


GOUDA Yoshiie


Born in 1958 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Debuted in 1983. Major works include Jigyaku no uta (Poem of Self-Torment) and Kuki Ningyo (Air Man). In 2013, Kikai jikake no ai (Machinework Love) received "the 17th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize".

( 2015 )

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